Internal sales engineer training

Every year, Sun Rises pays great attention to the training of its employees. It allows them to learn from time to time, and constantly trains themselves with knowledge. At the same time, it also cultivates the spirit of ownership.


This time, the sales department in order to allow sales engineers to understand and grasp the knowledge of the eight major industries, to provide existing customers, potential customers with overall solutions to help sales engineers more smoothly complete the annual sales target. SDVV trains sales engineers and sales managers in eight industries.


These 8 industries are SDVV’s main industries and are divided into gearboxes, metallurgy, mining cement, construction machinery, papermaking machinery, port lifting machinery, rubber and plastic machinery and motors. The courses in each industry include: Industry Classification, Application Description , bearing application models, features, operating conditions, major customers and performance, success stories, competitor analysis, typical damage in bearing applications, etc. Trainers are internal technical personnel and their expertise is convincing.

The first training industry was the motor industry training course. The field sales engineer listened very seriously and the sales director also participated in it. In the opening remarks, he mentioned: This training course is very professional and detailed, and it is a very good sales tool. , Can bring convenience for the future work, can provide solutions for customers. It is hoped that the sales engineer can concentrate on listening, answer training teacher questions carefully, and carefully complete after-school questions.

Post time: Jun-05-2018
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